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Today is the day to remember Papaji- Shri R. K. Gupta Retd. District & Sessions Judge of Muzaffarnagar who spent almost 30 years post retirement in M’nagar and his last 10 years in Noida with Deepak, my younger brother. On this day last year he was with us but God has ordained for him to not to see the first light of day of 2018. He passed away at 0600 hrs. on 1stJanuary 2018 and as in his life, so in his death he paved our way and adjusted everybody in his own peculiar manner.

Papaji was a man of his own making, will, logic and dreams. It was not for him to agree to any proposal, idea or logic until he inserted in it his own idea and making it altogether a new fresh idea. His individuality was too strong, his will to Lord over everyone in sight too dominant to allow anyone to come equal to him in any way, his efforts in chasing his dreams was so consistent that sometimes it derived our exasperated smile and his love for his family was altogether unique in him being the Presiding Deity and us, the children His ardent followers. Regarding our Mom he secretly admired her beauty, her poise and her patience but as the ruling Lord of the household, she was at best His wife only who was supposed to follow him in all his endeavors. Papaji was by instinct and wanted to be number 1 in all situations and one of his favorite quote was, “I cannot play a second fiddle to anyone …” Papaji required attention all the time and he was bestowed with a personality and a line of argument that did attract immediate attention. He impressed everyone and when he spoke from the bench in his principle profession all his life, that being of a judge, he created a spell. The Lawyers used to be his fans and his aura and reputation as a judge was a much wonted subject discussed amongst them. He was known as a fair-minded judge and commanded immediate faith of the litigants who knew that justice will be done to them. The known greats of his time like Justice Mullik, Kannaihya Lal Mishra, longest serving Advocate General of UP, M.C.Setalvad, longest serving Attorney General of India and V.K.Krishna Mennon paid him rich accolades for his rich legal acumen and his dynamism and offered him positions. It was only because of his coming from comparatively humbler background and a large family, with four of us being there and limited pay package, he could not take the risk and remained a Judge in Uttar Pradesh. This loss of opportunity he rued till the last but never with any stigma on his love for family. It was later only that we could realized what sacrifice it meant and what the word ‘dead honest’ meant.

Papaji commanded a large fan following everywhere and in the judicial circles also he had his group of admiring judges and lawyers. It was natural that many lawyers used to appreciate him so much that even after his transfer they used to miss him and write to him. One such lawyer and perhaps an able astrologer wrote to him sometime in 50’s as to how ‘now onwards’ his life would be and like a word written on stone, every prediction came true including the prediction of his last breaths. That letter is preserved as a family heirloom by Deepak, my younger brother. This fan following remained with him even after retirement and for almost 20 long years in Muzaffarnagar he was called “ Judgesaheb” by all and one. His popularity never waned and that was chiefly because in public life his motives remained entirely altruistic.

Papaji’s Kundali showed that his Sun was very strongly placed. He would control and dominate everyone and if someone resisted he would chase him till that person was beaten and bowed before him. And the moment used to be magical when the opponent bowed. All the doors of his kind heartedness (and even largesse, if there could be such a thing within his limited means) were opened and the Light of that strong Sun would illuminate that person’s life. Papaji would then become his greatest supporter and benevolent influence.

Papaji remained ‘Dead Honest’ till the end. Also he never touched liquor all his life. He was totally disorganized, no following of daily regimen and lacked patience. He was an eternal optimist and the words ‘Hopeless Optimist’ fitted him perfectly. He used to get highly temperamental also. Yet God gave his favorite son a long life almost nearing a century. Why? Was there a secret, you will like to ask? Yes there was! It was his heart for the poor the weak and the downtrodden. They would not have to even call for his help and Papaji would be there if he came to know of his travails. It is almost legendary in our family that someone twice or perhaps thrice removed relative or perhaps a feigned relation would ask for help and Papaji would go to end of the world to help him. No effort was spared and he would advocate his cause with all the emphasis at his command till the person got the desired help. Therefore am I wrong If I call him the favorite son of God? We are lucky if as his sons we have got an iota of that spirit which has been described so beautifully as below:-

One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is worth doing is what we do for others

Lewis Carol

This son of God with a very shining Sun in his horoscope was destined to see 96 or perhaps 97 winters of his life but not destined to see even the first rays of that dominant Sun rays and passed away peacefully at 0600 hours on the morning of 1st January 2018.

God is Great. The Soul met His maker.


Indirapuram Pankaj Son of Rajkumar Gupta



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