International Day of Women or Mother’s Day

Pankaj Gupta
3 min readJul 11, 2021
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I am slightly tongue tied to say anything while wondering as to why the Women’s Day is also the Mother’s Day. Is it that the form of Mother is the only form of women that can be venerated all over the world? Is it that all other positions of women, as daughter, sister, wife, live-in partner etc. are any the less venerable? It is time that we form a better world view of the women and her role in the society, our society and our workplace.

The most eminent question that rises is, as to what women bring with them at any place, occasion or event or at the workplace? The first thing we must remember that they bring with them is a new sensibility, a new look at things we are accustomed to looking from an old angle. Their sensibility is essentially home grown and is therefore more commonsensical. They bring with them a freshness of approach in tackling the day-to-day or rare problems that we face in our lives. And this brings to me the quintessential quality that I know you all will agree with me by a positive nod. They bring with them immense resourcefulness and impeccable Time-Management. This we all are aware during our upbringing having seen our mother to have produced things out of nowhere, packed our schoolbags, sent us on time and kept the eats and dinner on our return and helped us in our homework. Perhaps, that is why the International Day of The Women is the Mother’s Day also.

Another of the quality of women is that they bring a certain charm at any place they are present. This charm is not only by looks alone. This charm is in the language, the address and starts the moment a women opens her mouth to say something. Her address to the person or stranger even is ever so interesting and attractive that that person responds. Who do you think the practice of nickname started with ? See a women calling a perfect stranger ‘Bhayya, Please help me on this…’ and the stranger transforming from a common Joe into Hercules and ready to do impossible. And a woman brings certain discipline with her. She would not encourage loose talk, would maintain her time and her language would be generally formal, lacking endearments or cuss words or floral language (that our men tend to indulge into).

This also reminds me that another very special feature of women, the Dress sense at any given occasion. This is perhaps in their genes and most of the women do give it a quiet work-over and therefore are mostly very presentable. It is not for the women to be seen with unkempt appearance. Coupled with it is the world of smell which perhaps theirs by birth. I mean a perfume and good smell emanates from wherever women work or even pass by. Men’s perfumes in this regard are a recent phenomenon comparatively.

Lastly but not the least, it is said that do not scorn a woman. Well, how can I know anything about it?

So, friends, such is the mystery that is called women. That she is gaining pre- eminent place world over in all spheres of life is not only logical but requirement of our times.

Let us therefore celebrate this International Day of The Women & Mother’s Day by seeking the Blessings of The Supreme Woman &Mother, The one whose abode is in Mountains (Pahadawaliye), The One who is Luminescent (Jyotawaliye) and The One who rides the Tiger(Sherawaliye), Maan’ Vaishno Devi, by reciting and saying ‘Jai Maata Di’



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